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In the lap of nature’s breathless beauty,
on the foothills of the mountain’s snow crest,
surrounded by the stretch of lush green forest,
like a gateway to heaven,

We have met the enemy, and they are us.
—Walt Kelley, Pogo


You don’t always have freedom
except one type of freedom- one
which nobody can take away from you
whatever situation you are into.

Some men see things as they are and say why,
I dream that never were and say, why not?
— Rober F. Keneddy


If you touch the heart
of a person,
of your work,
of an experience,

In the morning, I went to the garden,
but the presentation was on my mind,
and how I would face my boss.
A flower tickled me and asked,

He who knows other men is discerning;
he who knows himself is intelligent.


You wonder who inflicts on you such pain,
as if playing some sort of dirty game,
not you in any case, but it can be anything else,
a person, situation, or just a thought,

I am very excited,
since I read about J. Craig Venter,
and his achievement
that they created a replicating species

Don’t mind criticism. If it is untrue, disregard it; if unfair, keep from
irritation; if it is ignorant, smile; if it is justified
it is not criticism, learn from it.

As usual, with my legs in the water,
I sat chatting with the silvery river,
that mirrored the moving blue sky
like a fleeting dream

“Why do you work so hard? ”
I asked the young folks,
“What’s the reason? ”
“Cause I want to be happy, ”

“It’s common sense; you shall always
be able to think better and feel deep inside,
with a calm mind, not a disturbed one, ”
said my teacher, “when you abide in stillness.”

A blonde in a sports car cuts off a large truck.
The angry driver pulls her out,
draws a circle on the ground,
and threatens,

Today we will open the Toolbox of Success
and examine each tool,
so as to succeed in everything
using it to the very full.

Make the other person feel important-and do it sincerely.
— Dale Carnegie


After the exercises, I often feel,
when sitting lazily, slightly tired,
that the stream of my thoughts
has come to a halt,

I went to the sea, as I often do
when I have certain problems I can’t get through.
With a smile of compassion from the waves and surfs,
he greeted me graciously, and I told him my mind,


Far down this memory lane of mine,
I see the young face of my mother:
radiant and smiling whenever I smiled;
painful when I cried as a very small child.

A slight adversity like a storm,
one small problem like thunder,
terribly shakes us and makes us wonder:
what could I do? How can I cope

The Best Poem Of Amrit Rathi

The Unique Resort

In the lap of nature’s breathless beauty,
on the foothills of the mountain’s snow crest,
surrounded by the stretch of lush green forest,
like a gateway to heaven,
is The Unique Resort
on the bank of
the Silvery River, Gang-Hort.

And you won’t believe that it is absolutely free.
Your stay here—an extravaganza of a dream, eternity,
with the latest and best amenities that can be.

Still, not many travelers dare to come and try.
Do you know why?

Well, you need to keep these clothes of yours
just outside its stately gate,
and you must go inside absolutely naked!
“A peculiar condition, ” you'd say,
Yes. That it is.
Do you want to stay?
Enter the gate like an innocent child,
leaving the baggage of your soiled clothes behind.

“But how can I leave this longtime friend,
my stained dress, outside? ” you’d contend,
“Stitched with the colorful fabric of my memories,
and with the linings of the hopes and fears hand in hand?
My dress contains all that I’ve acquired-
O how can I leave it just like that!
I don’t think such extreme step is required.

And in my big pockets many a things I carry:
the teachings I’ve jotted down and obeyed
what my parents, school, church, and others have said,
even the details of my bank account,
property papers and toys,
like cars and the house—all that you can count.

Though I’ve lost my freedom because of this dress
but it’s also true, without this I would be like the dead.
Although the dress's heavy,
and I’ve been carrying it like a slave,
I am puzzled for my freedom
such a heavy price I ought to pay? ”

And I would explain to the travelers like you,
“Since you'd keep this baggage out at the gate,
and go in as a child with countless possibilities,
blooming like a flower, trying to stand straight,
freedom’s never free, it’s a will to take responsibilities.

Moreover, our resort has got one unheard of facility:
when you enter, a wonderful thing will happen:
your mind and heart will instantly become transparent.
Everyone can see what's going on
in others’ minds and hearts,
your communication at a much deeper level will start,
and you'll understand others, and appreciate;
love and compassion will be your soul mate.
Free from the loads of conditioned self,
enveloped in a new and real freedom,
your awareness will be dancing
on the silent beats of a drum!

Break away from the stale
life you were living like a puppet;
a quantum leap awaits your will,
in our Resort, you see, all is set!

Like an eagle you can fly across the sky,
or experience the caterpillar-to-butterfly change,
or like a flower you will bloom with beauty,
free from your limited range.
How high can you fly or shine in this fashion
depends upon your unlimited imagination.
You will be love, a servant, the growth,
a dynamic solution,
it’ll a big step
in the direction of human evolution! ”

Let me tell you,
“When you come out and return home from here,
you will go as you are, naked into the world,
without a bother to take back your soiled dress,
as the world will look at your face, at your radiance,
and that resonance of mind and heart!
Your love and service will rock and reverberate;
a dream of human freedom will start! ”

I would again tell you to visit our unique Resort,
I bet nowhere else provides an experience of this sort.

@Copyright reserved by the author

Amrit Rathi Comments

Helen Maffini 21 August 2011

Poetry is an amazing tool to help develop and express emotional intelligence.

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Louie -Love & Peace- Levy 30 October 2010

I, myself have felt much of tne same and when requited, have, with curious wonder, why falling in love should be so indefinable -- Qte; Falling in Love, has nothing to do with gravity -Albert Einstein -- Early what with my own abilty to express with Poetry, Here's an exerpt of the enire poem you can read as, 'A Rose' here on PH. The least stanza; 'As a rose by any other name' would smell as sweet, so God be called with much confusion. 'Ones faith in feelings as a fragrance of 'Love' no one can confuse' -- So much is felt, written and expressed, When the answer is simple, all Gods' agree. Thanks for sharing Amrit.

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Gita Ashok 24 June 2010

I cannot stop marvelling at the style in which you write, the themes you choose, the way you conceptualize, the manner in which you package and present the poem and last but not the least the profound message you attach to each and every composition... Everything seems just about perfect and so simple, too. It's such a great pleasure to read every composition of yours and learn valuable practical lessons from it.Thanks for sharing all of your precious work on this platform.

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Bryan Riley 13 May 2010

'Life's a Celebration' is a wonderful poem. My mother just passed away, and your poem really brought me consolation. Thank you!

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