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Saga Of A Boy Sharing Light - Poem by MELVIN BANGGOLLAY

Melvin Banggollay

Long ago, in a village blessed with tapestry
Of verdant mountain and wildlife bounty,
The people dance with joy with all glory
As they were blessed with harvest so plenty.

But as they danced and gently swayed
With the rhytmic beats of gongs they played,
darkness suddently filled their great valley
and all lights stops even the fireflies fury.

So long, the village have not seen a day
As darkness haunts keeping day's away
that made them just stay at home so lonely
As they can't work to get food for their family.

The moon, the sun and stars had ceased
to lights as they all had never come to exist,
Every corner of the world was on darkness
As the sources of light have no light to profess,

Everyone in the village worried so much
For this event that had really no match
That they stopped to work for they can't see
as darkness is all over their hallowed destiny.

The village chiefs with other wise men
Come together to think and enligthen
Everyone about this very unusual event
Until a wise men told them to sent
someone to get the burning ball of fire
Up above a high mountain without desire
to take the brightess gold on that fire.

Everyone that were in that very moment
Were afraid to go to that mount and descent
Up amidst the clift full of danger's lament
and where millions of guarding serpent
ready to destroy whoever takes that present.

Then all of a sudden, a litte boy appeared
With gentle heart, he asked and appealed
For him to journey to that mount so sacred
and take the ball of fire as his own creed
and bring to the village without any greed.

Out of the darkness, he set for the journey
with the blessing of the village had convey
With only faith to Kabunyan or the Almighty
as his oly arm against dangers on his way.

With all his might and faith to the Almighty
He climed patiently and fight along the way
The devil's serpent with his spear of fury
and a brave heart praising the Almighty.

At last, with his unfading faith and strength
He reaced the mountain's top full of length
Even he barely see as darkness of the night
that never blinder his faith, only his own sight.

He took the ball of golden fire burning so heavily
into his bare hands unhurt by its burning fury
then begun to descent carefully not so slip away
as he continued to fight adversaries on the way
Like serpent of temptations, greed and envy
as the devil's slaves tried to take with their fury
the golden ball of fire that he held so firmly
with undying faith, love and honor to the Almighty.

When he was able to descent safe and weary
from the top of the mountain, firefly come suddently
and pleaded him to share a piece of the ball's fury
which he readilly given without any hesitancy.

Then sunddenly, the fireflies have their light back
flickering like little stars lighting his way back
then the star, the moon and the sun also come to him
to ask a bit of the ball of fire to free his village dim.

Without any word, he shared them a piece willingly
unknowingly that nothing was left on his hands already
As he had shared them all to all that asked his mercy
But still with a humble heart, he smiled at them heartily
and bade goodbye as went back to their village merilly.

But as the stars, the moon and the sun behold happilly
Their gift the boy had given to them without hesitancy
their light suddently come back to life with more energy
as their radiance reached even far beyond heaven's glory
Lighting the world and every part and domain of humanity.

The whole village rejoice as the boy came hapilly
even so worried and tired from such a long journey,
Honoring him with dances of the eagle's way
while making him a king to lead them to prosperity
but the boy rejected as he was bound to serve the Almighty
Sharing hope, preaching humility and spreading God's glory
to other part of the village living the DARKNESS way.

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