A Love Went Wrong Poem by MELVIN BANGGOLLAY

A Love Went Wrong

Rating: 5.0

The sun keep on shining high
With sweet and tender smiles
As melody of rhythm fill the sky
with scents of joy more than mile.

I never thought I could ever sigh
with needles of pains every while
As the wind whispers me to fly
the tears of sorrows in my eyes.

I love to fumble a lovely melody
rejoicing for having your serenity
but when you gifted me infidelity
I hung my guitar to rest eternally.

I may not be perfect as you see
But never did I love somebody
For I vowed to serve forever thee
until my life be gone someday.

But with the Grace of God for me
Let the wheel of fate take me faithfully
To where I may rest and find glory
of a true love untarnished till eternity.

Malini Kadir 24 March 2008

A soul touching piece of work I loved this poetry...........the way you put it but when you gifted me infidelity I hung my guitar to rest eternally.........lovely way to express sorrow......

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K. V. Venkataramana 19 April 2008

'when you gifted me infidelity I hung my guitar to rest eternally. ' Very moving lines from an accomplished poet. I enyoyed reading this poem.

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Naida Nepascua Supnet 05 August 2011

my favorite line here is, I hung my guitar to rest eternally-it is very meaningful, it says many things, and i see the picture you want to paint on this poem. you are good at words, you express well. Mabuhay ang Manunulang Pinoy sa Poemhunter.

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Kesav Easwaran 23 April 2009

love lost is heart lost...beautiful write in good rhythm and rhyme expressing the pain of love that lost...good work, Melvin...10

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Pacific Hernandez 03 October 2008

A sorrowful tale of love. Touching. 10 for you.

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Kelly Curiel-bowser 15 September 2008

I sorta like that one ^_^ it is...sweet in an odd way...kind of.

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Norchel Tingson 05 September 2008

What a touching piece that sways every lover's soul.

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