Sat On Hat Poem by Troy Cochran

Sat On Hat

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Sam I am NOT.

Troy I am!
I happen to LIKE
green eggs and ham.

My eyes are blue.
My skies are too.
And looking out for me AND you.

And THAT is saying quite a LOT!

I may sing flat.
I may sing true.
And that is that.

So: Thank you, Dr. Seuss.
No, thank you DEUCE!
I salute you in memoriAm!

Cat I am.
And poet too.
And that is mostly thanks to you.

And when I'm done with growing old
and walking holes into my shoes,
I will pop-out my sat on hat
and join you as a ghostly muse.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: humorous,nonsense,rhyme

HAHAHA! ! So funny! ..thank you.I really needed a good laugh! ..

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Troy Cochran 05 October 2017

Happy to oblige, Lorraine. A fun fact about this poem: I was actually served green eggs at a restaurant about a month ago. I didn't ask for the back-story on those scrambled eggs; the fact is, I didn't WANT to know! But even though they looked a little iffy, they were actually quite good. Sad I Am to report, however, that they did not come with (boo-hoo) Ham. They came with sausage, biscuits and gravy. (But, really, what's the diff?) Another (not so) fun fact: There was a casualty in the making of this poem, which is partially responsible for the above eulogy: my hat was truly and utterly sat on. The culprit is yet to be apprehended. And now my picture will have to be downsized by half. Let us pray.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 04 October 2017

Eyes are blue and skies are blue. There is perfect combination in humorous expressions of both the sequences. Singing flat and singing about truth both motivate mind. Joining in a ghostly muse is just like perceiving that and hat. Amazing and brilliant humor is wisely expressed in this poem...10

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Troy Cochran 05 October 2017

Thank you, Kumarmani. I'm thinking that I am now a purveyor, and you a connaisseur, of nonsense. And there is just no way to make that sound like a compliment, is there? (But that was my intention, of course.) ;)

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