Satan's Programing Machine Poem by Alaska Roads

Satan's Programing Machine

I’m a visual artist, that’s my passion game
I’ve only reverted to words to revel this mass shame
Someone has to give it to you strait, lay it on the line
Because there is psychological warfare bombarding our minds
This luciferian brainwashing started long ago
It’s accelerating now for the closing show
For the big takeover is coming to the edge
When they are done you’ll not even have a fridge
Government subsidies is all there will be
Even water will be a privilege with a fee
I know you won’t believe this, but it’s coming right now
Even the few family farmers will have a microchip cow
I don’t want to preach to you, try to prove that I’m right
I just want you prepared, for the coming plight
Your TV programs you, everyday
Driving into your mind, just to say
Saying war is peace, slavery is freedom
Even a small child, could see that’s dumb
Brainwashed through schools throughout this nation
Controlling their small minds with spiritual dehydration
What does the word government mean
Govern means to manage, ment means my brain
Mind control, yes that’s what they do
It’s not the individual people working for you
It’s the spiritual beast that’s been driving the machine
He has know accountability, can’t you see what I mean
Brain washing you to stay in a controllable line
And having you pay for it, on your own tax dime
Billions are always missing from their big budgets, you know
That’s a lot of black op money to keep the masses in control
Have you ever noticed that the news channels are all on the same page
All reading the same script, dancing on the propaganda stage
Just paid programming for everyone
Their telling you what to think and believe, that’s just how it’s done
They divide you in two
Democrat or republican, which one are you
They play you against each other, what a big game
This is powerful fun, to drive you insane
It makes you feel like you’re on a team
Get on your cheer outfit come out and scream
It doesn’t matter, they control both sides
It’s the old Dr. jekal and Mr. Hide
You have to break this paradigm, if you please
Pray to Yahweh, make this slave free
Start questioning every thing you’ve been taught
Don’t be afraid to toss out programming rot!
Go to
If you can handle a truth bomb

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