The Jesus Beast Poem by Alaska Roads

The Jesus Beast

Yahweh knows our every thought you see
Before your born, and way past hundred three
So open the torah, and aim for the righteous way
And stop gambling with your life, in these final days
Search for nuggets of truth, buried deep in the word
It will fall Upon you, through true prayer, never deterred

Yahweh has made promises, all written down
So cast away your sadness, invert that frown
Call upon the true Messiah, now being reviled
The one whom was just called, to open the fist seal
His name has been suppressed, for millennia now
By Ha’Shatan and his popes with riches, that bow
They bow to the devil, the evil one
All these years hiding the Savior’s name, for fun
Directing the world’s children, to pray to a horse
Jesus, h, sus on a mass homicide course
Pulling the war chariot, where ever you pray
This is a horse of war, a beast that will slay
Sit up strait! Listen like a lark!
A word from the profits, is about to embark
This is the key that you need to hold
Close to your heart, and lips, this name is better than gold

Yahweh’s salvation is his true name
Ishi, the deliverer, is what to proclaim
Yahsha Messiah is the only one!
Yahsha Messiah, pray for this understanding now
And stop praying to a horse, pig, or cow

This message is only for the lost sheep
The children called by Yahweh, loved most deep

Jesus H’sus is the big joke of a name
Ordained by Satan's profits, to drive people insane
Insane and violent is what has come about
To self obsessed people, never going without
Learning about Jesus prosperity, from every preacher around
Bring in your money, we want to break ground
They’re digging their own whole, for the beast
Blessing the wars, and his Christmas feast
This has enslaved the people, driven up the debt
If they followed the torah, there wouldn’t be this fret

Night is coming soon, when no man can work
Search out his name and Sabbath, stop being satan’s jerk
People, most of us have been tricked
Wake up now, separate from the dieing and sick
Those people whom won’t listen to thing’s you can prove
The hearts have been sired, by rejecting the love of truth

Don’t go with them, there on a sinking ship
Hold fast to Yahweh, this life is but a blip

Thank you, Yahweh for the truth I’ve learned
Keep feeding me, and save me from the big burn! ! ! !

Kortnie Smith 19 March 2010

good poem you spelled prophet wrong though but keep pressing to know Yahweh and what it truly means to be kingdom there is a lot more to Yahweh than religion being a scam to keep people from knowing him

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