My Little Boy Brian Poem by Alaska Roads

My Little Boy Brian

My boy Brian loves the story of David you know
Especially when he brought down Goliath with a single blow
He goes around practicing how to be brave
He says he’ll never yield, as a heathens slave
He loves David because he was a small boy
Destin for greatness through his humble ploys
It’s so wonderful to have a son like that
Maybe he’ll be a king like David, with strong hearted attack
Brian still jumps in my lap if he hears the slightest bang
But he is developing bravery in his heart all the same
I love that little giant killer
He is a small, inspiring pillar
You can see in his eyes that he’s a little David man
As long as I don’t mess up and stop his spirit gland
One day he may be called to do great things too
As long as he stands always for the truth
Truth is the most precious thing to give a child
It’s there in Yahweh’s books, for the meek and mild
There is a lot more stories that he needs to see
But then again he’s only three
So I’ll keep showing him till he’s well read
Where he can go into the world with the blue tzit-zit thread
Walking with Yahweh’s spirit all around
Making evil flee the town
The town is the world out there
Were the truths been scattered by spirits that don’t care
Will he be a brave child of truth
If he’s guided by the books of Yahweh he’ll get through

Michael Gale 09 August 2006

A mother's loving pride is so inspiring of heart. Great poem. God bless-Michael Jeffrey Gale.

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