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A Gift Of Rest

It’s the Sabbath day, the fourth command, to rest
It’s not a punishment, it’s a the way, that Yahweh has blessed
Blessed his children, the ones who’ve taken his mark
Not the ones who take that quick, Sunday embark

The Jesus Beast

Yahweh knows our every thought you see
Before your born, and way past hundred three
So open the torah, and aim for the righteous way
And stop gambling with your life, in these final days

I Would Like To Sit Down And Tell You A Lie

I’d like to sit down and tell you a lie
That everything going to be just fine
Shopping malls, cake and ice cream
Going all about your Disney dream

Those Demons In Your Head

Those demons dancing in your head
Put there by music
Fertilized by time

Satan's Programing Machine

I’m a visual artist, that’s my passion game
I’ve only reverted to words to revel this mass shame
Someone has to give it to you strait, lay it on the line
Because there is psychological warfare bombarding our minds

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