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A Gift Of Rest

It’s the Sabbath day, the fourth command, to rest
It’s not a punishment, it’s a the way, that Yahweh has blessed
Blessed his children, the ones who’ve taken his mark
Not the ones who take that quick, Sunday embark
This is his set apart day, a day of no work
When you don’t buy and sell, the evil think you’re a jerk
It’s doesn’t matter what Satan’s children think
I’ll stand for Yahweh’s Sabbath, even past the brink
This written in stone command
Can never be changed by Satan’s hand
Ask yourself, when is the seventh day of the week
If you have an open heart, you’ll freak
We’ve been lied to, all these years
By Satan’s helpers, who have no fear
Fear of lying, that they’ve conspired from the begging
But if you wake up to these spiritual things, you’ll start living
You see Yahweh has aloud this terrible thing to come about
Because the world hates to be told what to do by him, no doubt
Like keeping the Sabbath, the seventh day of rest
In Yahweh’s eyes, this is the key test
Remember the Messiah is the master of the seventh day
And he would never change what his Dad, has blessed and made

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Alaska Roads Popularity

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