Posion From Heaven! Poem by Alaska Roads

Posion From Heaven!

Look up to the havens, all around
There is no clean air left to be found
But before you start pointing fingers
Look, what the jets, make linger
Most, never see these chem-trails you know
Because were all trying to make more dough
Never giving a pause to look over head
To see what’s delivering allergies, cancer, and the dead
It’s a money making racket you see
Cold medicine, chemo, mortician fees
Families like Rockefeller and Rothschild all have a hand
On polluting this planet, the whole global span
They have us useless eaters pay for our own destruction
It’s all about power, following there satanic instruction
They own the airports, jets, armies, and tanks
They own the chemical plants, and we give them thanks
Poisoning us daily, in this air your children breathe
They need to be stopped, wake up and take lead
Everyone knows something’s wrong with the sky
But there all scared, choosing to make a lie
Nothings wrong, no one could be that evil
If they were, someone would say so, under the steeple
Clifford Carnicom is one whom cares
A dedicated scientist sending out flairs
Go to his web site and look for your self
He’s not looking for Santa and an elf
He’s about truth, and taking samples
He needs your help, so please be ample
This man and the like
Are trying to warn us of world wide blight
They do a copious job to their frustration
Sending a warning out to a blind, brain washed nation
As a human it’s your job to pay notice
To the chemical grids over head, laid out by satanic locust
Our world is infatuated with death
The days coming that no one will rest
Wake up now, demand clean air
There are not many moments, to spare
Have you noticed a billion webs on the ground
Their falling from heaven, were no spider is found
They are coming from those damn planes
Hitting your skin, the plants and then the water drain
Carnicon knows what theses things are
People from all over send samples in a jar
He has run test on these poisons, you’d be surprised
To find out the death in side
Ok people, that’s about enough
Go to his web site and see if I bluff
Wake up people, wake up now!
There is poison being put in our air, and it’s not from a cow!

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