School Wat 4? Poem by Hali Curtis

School Wat 4?

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I go to School wat for?
to get yelled at more!
wats the point?
All it does is make me feel bad
it makes me feel dumb
wats the point to get yelled at just because you don't know wat 49/28*76+31=
I hate school
I hate it with a passion.
I wish I could kill the person who invented it
So stupid
it brings pain
it brings problems
go to school wat for?
wats the point?

Alan Curtis 01 June 2009

Tell'm cuz! ! Its all about the conformaty of the system! Everyone should just dropp out and make their own schools...of survival! ! Peace, Rage'n Cage'n

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Flame6203E . 29 September 2007

sometimes people like me go to schoolwhenever they can just to get away from it all and because my school is so big i can just go and hide whenever i need to

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Flame6203E . 11 September 2007

thay's how everyone feels about school

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 08 September 2007

To embrace the golden principles of what you apparently already have a healthy head-start on...Creative Writing & Contemporary Freestyle Poetry...Good Luck, Hali ~ FjR ~

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