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Love is deep,

Mysterious and sweet.

Please don't judge me by my face,
by my religion or my race.
Please don't laugh at what I wear,
or how I look or do my hair.

I go to School wat for?
to get yelled at more!
wats the point?
All it does is make me feel bad

life is short
so is love
be happy the best u can
have fun

Open ur eyes
do u see wat i see
I see a man
he said to me

I fall
I cry
no see's
cuz no one cares

want me to write u a luv poem

Love is sweet
love is sour

I'm so sweet
So gental
I brake so easily
people just say 'sorry' or 'get over it'

Everytime i look at you,
I can't look away.
everytime I try to talk to you,
the wrong words come out.

I wish my family understand me but seems like they don't care
they don't notice when I'm in dispair
theyhave no time to listen
they say they do but when I ask, 'Can I talk to u'

my heart
feels like its falling apart
nothing can stop it
only patches can be done

Me without you is like
A shoe without lances
A geek without braces and
Asentencewithoutspaces! !

Crazy as the velvet sky, humble as a crying baby
Sad like a widow, mad like a scare crow
Here in my own world
It's how I see it, not you.

My spirit went up, I'm happy again.
You brighten up my day, you showed me the way.
Thank you.
A smile on my face means alot to me then you think


Ba da dam Ba da dam Ba da dam
my heart beating faster
what should I do?
tears flowing down

Bills need paying,
taxes over rule.
sexest pigs,
not controlled.

My favorite holiday
I spent it alone
no flowers
nor a teddy

I wish I knew how to say this
I hope you understand me
I pray you dont get mad at me
you need to know how i really feel

running on the beach
felling the sand between my toes
I see you get down on your knees
you hold my hand and smile gazing into my eyes


I wish my life was a dream
but its a nighmare
no matter how many dream catchers I have
or what i do

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I'm a sweet gurl, i'm 15 rite now...yes i was born in Las vegas, Nevada, but grew up in Chattanooga Tn.I'm a rocker and also a hippy so i have no clue wat yall would call that...i have blue eyes and rite now black hair and i have amy left eye brow periced... so plz enjoy my poems! ! !)

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Emo Love

Love is deep,
Mysterious and sweet.
Scars of the past,
are to real to last.

pain is only part of love,
but I hide in a building like a small black dove.
This pain inside is far too real,
so instead I'll take this small peice of steel,

I mean what I say,
but it is still true today.
This is sad but still true.
So I'm in my room still missing you!

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karma 18 February 2021

its weird to see this online. i wrote this exact poem in 2000

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Alan Curtis 14 June 2009

Yo cuzz, u betta not b gettn n any online relationships on this site....cause I'll have my cuddys punk these putos out! ! B treal... AL

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