Emo Love Poem by Hali Curtis

Emo Love

Rating: 4.6

Love is deep,
Mysterious and sweet.
Scars of the past,
are to real to last.

pain is only part of love,
but I hide in a building like a small black dove.
This pain inside is far too real,
so instead I'll take this small peice of steel,

I mean what I say,
but it is still true today.
This is sad but still true.
So I'm in my room still missing you!

Jorydan Gap 07 January 2008

love it im a give to my bestest friend cuz hes mad at me

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Alan Curtis 27 October 2007

I still havent found out why some kids these days think it is enjoyable 2 cut themselves.Just one of the new trends in the 21st century I guess. But I like the rhyming though. For a girl who thinks shes Emo! : (

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... Lynch 09 October 2007

Awesome poem Hali, a ten from me. It's seems sweet and honest but also holds raw emotion. I also like your rhyming, and can relate well. Highly enjoyed. -Kylie M. Lynch

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Flame6203E . 11 September 2007

i agree with nothing hurts like love this poem is full of meaning really deep

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Madly In Love 07 September 2007

Hali this poem is awesome I love it good write, I can't wait to read more of ur work

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