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Silence howl,
silence scream.
Why must you haunt
me in my dreams?

We march in thousands
our footsteps pound.
The innocents flee
from the thought of the sound.

Dont speak
just think.

Dont kill


The lake of fire
the devil's domain,
were ungodly souls
are doomed to remain.

Slowly I wait for
the moment to stike.
The oppertune chance
when the timing is right.


Clip after clip
life after life,
man has made guns
who needs a knife?

Im standing on a clift
thats higher than all the rest.
And Ill stay up here untill I fall
to meet my lonley death.

Riding fast and running long
across their endless plain.
They grew their crops for years
and years like corn, wheat, and grain.

I am a killer,
born to serve.
Raised without care
I have plenty of nerve.

Red rum, Red rum
I drink you away
You are my friend
as I am your slave.

Life can be rough
and life can be good.
Life can be both
when missunderstood.

Strolling through the camp
on a dark and silent night.
My homie Ward and I
just look'n for a fight...

This goes to all the cuddies
in the camps,
Puff'n their meds and
grow'n the plants.

Isn't it incredulous
how the world is so prejudous?

Its like a never ending version

F the pigs and the vultures
that try to break up our cultures.
Always start'n altercations
with all the rezervations

The system we live n
is a Prison in disquise.

So these F'n politisions

F@#$ the system
I must'a dissed'm.

My cuddys survive'n

When ur live'n on the river
better bring ur respect
dont try 2 neglect,
cause if ur f'n with the natives we'll snap ur lil neck!

If you're looking for the road
to free your soul
then follow me down
the rabbit's hole.

My Cut-throats take the most tokes,
gone off the perp
I aint tell'n no jokes.

Rage'n Curtis Biography

North side is the best SIDE! ! What's goin down cuddies? ? Born n Vegas now I'm chill'n n killa Cali.I've been writing poetry scince I lived n the Drty south(Louisiana) .I like gett'n the word out about the curruption of the 'system' we live n. Many people say that I go to far with my political outlook on life in my poems but I recognize poetry as a way of revealing the truth to people.And the Government sure as hell dosent do it so I think this is where I stand in the world.As a rebel.WEST SIDE CALI PRIDE! ! PRIDE! ! ! ! ! ! ! !)

The Best Poem Of Rage'n Curtis


Silence howl,
silence scream.
Why must you haunt
me in my dreams?

You seem so calm
so suddle with death.
I feel you trying,
so hard to connect.

Drive me insane
to the point I could break.
Because the voice of man
is what I hate.

Swallow me whole
take me away.
Please dont go
I want you to stay.

Silence be calm,
silence be still.
Consume me in darkness
with my free will.

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Sait Jaw 23 April 2008

oh oh great poem...................... well i can see from the perspective you are coming from. the world is in shamed or the people cus the world dont change people changed and once again nice peom.

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kim Hook 10 April 2008

your poems are very thoughtful and keep it up :)

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tweetygurl . 27 August 2007

i like your poems they thoughtful keep it up

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Nikki White 14 May 2009

nice poems they remind me of the days i used to hate but it is good i dont mind

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Nathan Shinar 23 September 2008

Whats up hippy read some of my poems there ight.

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I love you baby! <3 I also love your poems. You're a great guy, who is perfect in everyway. =) Now, if only I could come to Cali and see you... =) <3 I love you! <3 Peace and always love, Alexis aka Your baby girl.

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Arabian Heart 15 June 2008

A rebel to the world is what you are against the goverment for they are not true follow your heart for it can take you far you are a poet of your time

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Amie-Lee ...... 12 June 2008

Hey! I love your poems, and you're just an all round great guy :)

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