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Searching - Poem by Tiffani Williams

I was desperately searching for something
in the places that it could never exist
and I didn’t even know what it was
I just had a fragmented picture in my mind
drawn up from
fairy tales,
and other things that were never real
and I couldn’t help but feel
that I was in the wrong place,
at the wrong time,
looking for the wrong thing,
and saying all the words,
I never meant to say.
and, I was looking in a cave,
for light
long after,
my lantern had gone out
and my batteries had died.
but on, I drove
and I looked for it
because I needed it
and I didn’t know
if it was looking for me
because I didn’t know if it existed
in anything more
than my favorite fantasy.
and soon along the way,
I ran into
bad intentions
and I took my chances
all the while,
I ran from what I was looking for
because it was hidden in the depths
of my mind
behind what I knew,
what I was ready to know,
and it fit right along
the things,
I’ll learn
&, all the while I hurt you so
because I just wasn’t ready to find
what I was looking for
not yet.
and you just watched me
and you weren’t looking for me
we just sort of met on the way
and we threw out pointers here and there
hoping to lead the other in the right direction
because we didn’t know why
but we cared
where the other went
and we don’t know why
but we hoped we met
at the end of the search.
and fate has a way
with the ways of the heart,
and you gave me batteries
when you gave me;
laughter, smiles, and so much more
and brightened up my days
and hand in hand
when the cave lit up,
i realized

I held what I was searching for.

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