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Let Me Introduce Myself. - Poem by Tiffani Williams

Let introduce myself

I am ____

Oh, wait maybe you could feel in the blanks
it seem my mind is made of fragments
and I’m not sure how to answer it

and surely, you know me better than I know myself
from the way you judged me so coldly
And let your judgment cloud your mind
and decide, I’m not enough
before I had a chance to try

8 people collided together
dwelling inside the body of a girl.

Meet the weakling
always hoping for an acceptance
That she know she’ll never get
no matter what she does to fit in
always looking up
but yet, looking down on herself

Meet the cynic
who hasn’t met a person who hasn’t sicken her yet
she knows all the tricks of your twisted trade
the intentions you try to store away
and someone whispered in her ear
the secrets of existence
or lack of it,
As everyone let her fall

Meet the hitchhiker
always hitching a ride
to no where
And always wanting to get there faster
But never wanting to arrive
Because she’s terrified of what she’ll find
But she can’t stand it here
Leave the questions
You don’t need the story

Meet the outsider
Who tries to never look in
Cause it’s been a while
And she’s decided
The normal ways aren’t for her anymore
But that doesn’t mean she’s okay
But she alienates
Every single person she meets
Cause they remind her of someone else
She used to know

Meet the pessimist
Who was always told things get better
Who was always told to never look down
But as far as she sees it,
The glass is half empty
And it’ll never be restored
Her entrails only let her digest
The cold hard truth
And nothing less

Meet the optimist
Who always tries again
And gets her hope up
And picks herself up all alone
Cause no one ever cared enough to help her
She lives on the feeling that she’s better off alone
And, that her existence isn’t completely pointless
Even if, that’s not entirely true

Meet the rock
Never showing the feelings
That break apart her insides
She’ll be there to hold your hand
And lift you up
Even if you crush all her fingers
And never let the scar tissue heal

Meet the lover
Who gives it her all
And never less
Her heart on a platter
Her heart on a tray
Beating or dead
It’s up to you

You must really know me, huh?
You must already know that though?
You must.

From the way, you cut glances
When you thought my back was turned
And the way you whispered words
That your mother wouldn’t want you saying.
Out loud.
But you do.
When I’m in ears shot and she’s not
From the way you broke me down
And shattered my soul
You must have looked inside it.
You must have saw it all
And decided, that I just couldn’t be enough
That I just wasn’t worth any thing
Cause I never got the time to give you that impression
So, you must have known
You must have f'king known.
From the way you excluded me from things
That I never got to even know if I wanted to be part of

I am the weakling, cynic, hitchhiker, outsider, pessimist, optimist, lover, and rock
But you must already fking know that, right?

You must already know the way I won’t accept acceptance
The way, I hate all I’m made of but how
I cherish myself as the only person who won’t leave
The only person who’s always been there
You must already know how I feel alone in a crowded room
You must know the weak spots in my character
From the way you picked them out

You must know the way to my heart
I must have gave you a map
On the back of all those letters I wrote you
On the promises I made you and kept
On the back of the late night conversations

So will you please, fill in the blanks
And introduce me to the person
I hate and hold on to?

Because I obviously don’t know a thing.

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    your introduction o! great let it be alive! on the roads of ph one more mask nothing else. Thrown out and there is no place here and web has already been tored. Have a good day. (Report) Reply

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