James Walter Orr

Rookie (02, June,1930 / Amarillo, Texas, U.S.A.)

Seduced - Poem by James Walter Orr

Seduced by the hopes of the future;
Seduced by the dreams of the past;
Seduced by the touch of a woman,
And a bubble that just couldn’t last.

Fate plays a large part in our future.
Nothing can alter our past.
In the present, we go through the motions,
In days that go flying too fast.

We must take great care while we’re fighting,
That the very thing for which we fight,
Doesn’t serve as our final undoing,
By warping the plane of our sight.

And thus, somehow,
Let us allow:
Our predilection
For that sweet confection
With the type of nutrition
That can cause contrition
With a big commotion
Over that emotion
Where you get the notion
With a strong love potion,
After which rendition
You’re in such condition
That the supposition
That the juxtaposition
Of the natural order
Will not have to border
On too much attrition
Of your own volition
And you take the notion
To go into motion
To find other fish
In another ocean.
If you have ambition
To escape perdition,
Yet your own rendition
Brings to sweet fruition
What the gods did tender
In a burst of splendor,
So your soul’s demotion
Gives you locomotion
To your interdiction
With that love, (thought fiction)
That gives elevation,
(After some sweet ration)
To a trade, well worth,
Whatever berth
Your fates decree.
Take it from me.
Be seduced by your own pictures,
Conjured up within your dream,
And the feelings that you harvest
May not be just what they seem.

Sail the empty sea of maybes;
Maybe then you’ll find an isle
Filled with laughing native women
Wearing nothing but a smile.

Break loose from the chains that shackle,
Dodge the tether and the snare.
Throw away the thoughts of someday:
You don’t have the time to spare.

When you leave upon the morrow,
Deem it not you’ve done a wrong.
Grab your molding ukulele:
Memorize the minstrel’s song.

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