Self Care By Darien Poem by Darien Trask

Self Care By Darien

I prayed to have a better understanding for people around me and myself.
I prayed to find myself more because I once offered so much of myself,
I lost who I am for quite a bit.
I'm glad I'm regaining who I am again.

What I like and dislike
What makes me upset
And what makes me happy
I'm discovering who I am
I'm not even going to lie
Some things I'm finding out
I never knew about myself
I guess I've been so blind
To the point
Where I cared about others
More than loving myself
I would literally jump
In front of a bullet for some individuals
Who won't even hop across a puddle for me
Are people worried about if you are ok?
Are people worried about if you are safe?
These are things we have to think about

I guess I'm just that kind of person
A caring human being
Some of which
Is very rare in this generation we are upon
I've learned it's okay to look out for others
But what about your well being?
Is your health okay?
Are you doing something you love?
Are you truly happy?
Some of these questions
Most of us don't even know the answers to
This is why they say
We are learning every day
Whether we know it or not
Whether it's educational
Or simply something about yourself
You never knew

Self care is important
And if you don't take care of your
Ginger bread house
It will crumble before your very own eyes! ! ! !

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