Self-Defeating Trickster Poem by Dorothy Kardas, Psy.D. Th.D.

Self-Defeating Trickster

Novel stimuli entice the eyes
Constant confines within newness
Useless anticipating for soul to rise
For it is starving only for love and trueness.

Undeviating itch not to miss a chance
For the would-be monetary takings
It is the self-promoter's hungry glance
It is the castle in the sand in the makings.

Avoider of silence, inapt to stay put
Earnest seeker of renown and recognition
The seed of desolation taking its roots
A slave of unpromising fruition...

Unattracted to Invisible Reality
Allured by self-worship and gain
Trapped in self-import and 'originality'
Impervious, by degrees, to others' pain...

Impressed by undertakings of figures vain
Craftiness, sneakiness color the game,
Intruder, offender with no dose of shame
Touchy, thorny about its fictitious reign.

Reckless purveyor of lies...
Permitter of uncontrolled craze to rise
Unwilling to grow free, and untie
The leash from the Father of Lies...

Can swimming with the streams of lie
Harvest fruits... bring on high spirits?
When immersed in tides of lie
Can soul ever rise and fly?

And, innermost workings be known
By envious and tainted eye?
The lips that wontedly lie?

Alas! Abolish the lie
With Truth comply...
Not by envy, greed,
And presumption dry...
Reform... not die...

Dream and dream
Of royal crown
Sacrifice Supreme...
The lilies white...
In your sight...
Search for Paradise...
Seek the royal crown...
At His Feet be renown...

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