Seperation In Betrayal Poem by ellery lim

Seperation In Betrayal

For the girl I wish to protect
Has left in a state that I can’t react
For my life was for her and only her
But now her face I can vaguely remember
For time will crumble
Time will spoil
We will stumble
We will die
We will falter
We will fall
Life can’t alter
For us all
What else can I do
What else I say
My deep love for you
Will never sway
But now you leave me
State of shock
Fell the oak tree
I am mocked
Life so fragile, I can’t stay
Life ridiculous, I now lay
Dead yet alive
Breathing yet I can’t
How do I survive
My time here is done
But wait you are but one
Though without you life’s no fun
A million more out there
Without you I see despair
Regret? What have I done
I couldn’t give you the sun
If this is what you want, so be it
If this is how you want it to end, let’s proceed
I cried, I cried
My life now ruined in your hands
I sighed, I sighed
Guess this is how it all ends
I lay down awaiting death
I lay down drunk in my head
My heart has just experienced theft
And my heart in a dead state
I wished, I wished, I wish, I wish

The past to the present
Time cant present
Your hairs sweet scent
I can’t resent
I loved, I love
I can’t destroy
My love for you will never die
Though I of course would have died
I fall asleep, I fall asleep
In peace serenity
I fell asleep
Regret, regret
My heart ached
Regret, regret
Your smile faked
Goodbye, goodbye
I now leave
Goodbye, goodbye
I can’t breathe
With you, with you
Though you were a dream
Your bed, the lake, even the stream

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