Set Things Right....Before It's Late Poem by jibin joseph

Set Things Right....Before It's Late

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If I am given one more day
A day to do the things that wasn’t done
A day to say sorry and a few thanks
If only I could get up and set things right
But here I am in my deathbed
Unable to wake up unable to react
Now I feel sorry for all my deeds
I want to apologize but can’t even speak
I see loads of machines and gadgets
Rhythm of my heart on the screen
I know I am granted no more
Hate to accept that its gonna end
I will leave behind a few memories
My loved ones will cry at m demise
If I am granted one wish this day
I would take a walk in the meadows
Holding your hand we walk together
Listening to your stories, I will kiss your ear
But my hours are counted now
I don’t have a choice to live
For all that’s done I have a place in hell
When I leave this earth and go
When I stand to hear the judgment
I would wish if I had done some good
If I could defend my hopeless fate
So lord if you grant me one day
I would set all things right
But the truth is, its never gonna happen
I start seeing the colour black
The whole room closing in faster
I see two figures discussing to each other
One dressed in black and one in white
Fighting to decide who will take my soul
Where are they gonna take my soul
If only I had one more day
I am sure I would have left with white.

jibin joseph

jibin joseph

cochin, kerala state, india
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