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I am a selfish soul
I don't see the sorrows around
I don't hear the cries
I just curse the system to change
What good did I do to change

Sending you my heart
In a package of love
Covered with sweet dreams
Stamped with trust

All around its greed
More more more I need
If I have one I need more
I am not satisfied anymore

When I am with you
I am short of words
And then I realise……………
We don’t need words to speek

before i met u i was known mearly by my name
after i met you i am known as the happiest soul
you are my inspiration, you are my teacher
you are my angel, you are my superstar

Smile, it will never cost a dime
Then why do I have to tell you every time
Smile is a magic, brings hearts together
With package of love which stays forever

Early morning.

When the birds sing,
I hear you.

i cant wait anymore
night getting longer forever more
waiting for a new start
new begining to play my part

Anger is directly proportional to the opponent
Yes it’s true we fight with the feeble
Today I saw this man shout and curse

Whats our relationship you ask
I don’t know you speak
What am I to say
Just that as you said

My love hold my hand
Hold my hand tight
While we take a walk
A walk on the rainbows

if you are in trouble i'll be there in front
does that make me any different
you are my sweetest friend
if i cant be there for you upfront


Why cant we speak
Why cant we talk
Why only wisper behind their backs

if you can run,
go get some bun.

the shops gonna close,

Riding on my pony
I will travel the world
Will you join me honey?
When off I go to see this world

I was hit by a truck
My bike thrown overboard
I saw people gathered around
My fate my bad luck

No one to stop you
Even you can’t deny
The world will miss you
But you can’t delay

My life was dumb and dull
Used to see in black and white
Then she appeared, my angel
Now rainbows all over my sight

My teacher asks me to study
Get up early every morning
Time table for each day
Plan your things as it says

If I am given one more day
A day to do the things that wasn’t done
A day to say sorry and a few thanks
If only I could get up and set things right

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Selfish Soul

I am a selfish soul
I don't see the sorrows around
I don't hear the cries
I just curse the system to change
What good did I do to change

I am a selfish soul
Am I even worthy to comment
If I myself refuse to change
I don't even smile at people
Why do I expect them to smile

I am a selfish soul
I am living inside a cocoon
Pretending to be a happy soul
Not accepting the evils around
What good am I if I don't change

I am a selfish soul
Why do people fight I ask
Without wanting them to stop
I don't really care for anyone
Unless it is someone my own

I am a selfish soul
Why should I wait for a saviour
Why do I even care for a change
As long as I am happy in my mask
Why do I need a change

I am a selfish soul
The miseries around make me think
But time heals everything
Those who loose they suffer
As time passes sorrows get lesser

I am a selfish soul
World filled with crooks and lies
Who cares who cries and who dies
I don't have time for anyone
I am happy in my wicked mask

I am a selfish soul
Whats all these disease and filth
All the crippled and the sick
As all day I merry around
Little I care whats going around

I am a selfish soul
Why should I care you beg for bread
Why do I care that you even eat
As long as I got my share of meat
What do I care whats your fate

I am a selfish soul
Little I care if on road you sleep
What do I care that you, even sleep
As long as I have my roof
I don't care you cry or weep

I am a selfish soul
What do I care whose cries are these
As long as I am happy I care the least
I am a selfish soul
I am a selfish soul…………………

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Howard Johnson 25 January 2007

Jibin is a excelent poet, And a great tallented writer, , waiting for everyone on ph to discover him

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