Addressed To Your Heart..... Poem by jibin joseph

Addressed To Your Heart.....

Rating: 4.9

Sending you my heart
In a package of love
Covered with sweet dreams
Stamped with trust
Sealed with care
Yellow ribbon of hugs
Tied up with a smile
Knot made of a kiss
Addressed to your heart

Addressed To Your Heart.....
Sandra Fowler 25 January 2007

What a charming poem, Jibin. A perfect valentine. Ten without hesitation. Warm regards, Sandra

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Howard Johnson 25 January 2007

Thank you for asking me to read this write, Like Sandra ten was no problem, I keep it in my favorite, I may use on feb 14 to send it as a e-poem card, Very well writtin jibin, It gave me some nice fellings of love and their similies. :)

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Michael Shepherd 25 January 2007

Very swett and nicely worded, Jibin. Whether the parcel metaphor would be better served by 'wrapped in' rather than 'covered with' I leave to you.

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Original Unknown Girl 25 January 2007

Jibin, did we all get invited to the party here? A lovely little poem, most sweet and loving. HG: -) x

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Prasanna Kumari 26 January 2007

a very beautiful and different poem with all the love filled in that....with very few words you can express a lot...well done

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Rajaram Ramachandran 04 February 2007

A wonderful heart to heart presentation from JJ

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Suzan Gumush 04 February 2007

You have expressed the love you feel. It flows from your soul and I can feel it. Wonderful verse. Best wishes suzan

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Lipstick Casanova 31 January 2007

Jibin, I can see why this poem is in the top five hundred. This is an amazing tidbit of warm tidings. It's very sweet, and the flow is wonderful. For some reason, I keep imagining a box of chocolates - then the more I think about it, the more I can see little heart shaped pieces in this container held fast with ribbon and bow. The sweet delight inside, is you. Wonderful. -L.C.

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Preeti - is here! 31 January 2007

Jibin, who wouldn't like a letter like this? beautiful/sweet/cute! Preeti

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Ernestine Northover 26 January 2007

Utterly delightful. An excellent flow throughout the poem, and it was rather like losing oneself in a fabulously delicious creamy confection. I can taste it just reading this one. Applause! ! ! ! ! Love and hugs Ernestine XXX

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jibin joseph

jibin joseph

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