Garden Of Five Senses Poem by jibin joseph

Garden Of Five Senses

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Early morning.
When the birds sing,
I hear you.

When the flowers bloom,
I see you.
When the suns rays embrace,
I feel you.

Fragrance the wind brings,
I smell you.
And the bees whisper,
As you do.

“I love you too”
My garden of five senses


Only you.

Prasanna Kumari 04 February 2007

i feel the breeze of love caressing me in a garden full of flowers...really beautiful poem...with very few words you can express so wonderfully well....

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Tom Green 04 February 2007

That poem is really beautiful. Your poetry just gets better! Keep writing!

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Preeti - is here! 04 February 2007

Garden of 5 senses...this one smells good, looks great, tastes divine, feels lovely and most of all rings musically in my ears! Superb!

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Esther Leclerc 04 February 2007

Ever so romantic, gentle... the imagery calls to the soul of the nature lover. I love this. Esther : ]

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Raghavan Warrier 04 February 2007

This is superb poem written with intensity of passion and maintained throughout the poem. Wise use of few words to great effect.

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Gone with the wind 31 July 2008

This was a very beautiful piece..cultivating love and care

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Ernestine Northover 24 February 2007

Haven't forgotten you Jibin, just haven't been around much for a while due to packing to move house. This is a starry-eyed poem. Such a pleasure to read, amorous and tender in its words. Very well presented too. I liked it a a lot. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX

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Sara Crandall 05 February 2007

Wonderful, joseph. I like it alot. A touching love poem, expressing only what the five senses should have been made

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Qais Shah 05 February 2007

Psychosomatic Syndrome would be thrilling title for this poem...

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Mary Das 05 February 2007

Garden of five senses is very unique. So much is said and it's lovely.

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jibin joseph

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