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Sex + Body Heat 1o5 & Life - Poem by Tom Zart


Where would we be without sex
Like coffee minus the sugar and cream.
As Adam was before he knew Eve
With no purpose to dream or scheme.

No reason for fathers and mothers
No reason to buy flowers and candy.
No reason for diamonds and jewels
Viagra, wine, liquor or brandy.

No reason to purchase a sports car
A fine house, muscle shirts or a new dress.
Basically, a cake without icing
So thank God and pray for more not less.


We drank several glasses of champagne
In the living room of her house.
Around 9: 30 that evening
I found myself in her blouse.

I fondled and kissed her so gently
Like the soft footsteps of a mouse.
To my surprise, she opened her eyes
And said, 'look, we're not going to play house.'

I right away replaced her clothing
And buttoned her blouse once more.
There was no doubt of my defeat
As I lay there upon the floor.

She said, 'tell the truth, are you angry? '
I answered, by far I was not
'It's more important what you think of me
Than what I may not have got.'

She wiped away a tear from both eyes
And said, 'you're my kind of man.'
At that point, she did arise
And to me she held out her hand

She led me away like a blind man
Who had somehow lost his cane.
When we reached her bedroom door
I thought I'd gone insane.

Before long, we found ourselves naked
As she held me in her palm.
Can you dare imagine, my friend
How hard it was for me to stay calm?

We touched all the forbidden places
As our body heats reached 105.
If love's relief had not been achieved
I doubt if we'd still be alive.


The Lord can close doors no man can open
And open doors no man can close.
It's up to us to prove our Heavenly worth
By our lifetime example of the path we chose.

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