! Sharing Poem by Angelina Pandian

! Sharing

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The Star, the Magi’s
The Swaddling clothes and the Shepherds
The birth of Christ to Mary and Joseph
Was, but, the beginning of God’s Mission!
The flight to Egypt, the prophecies
The dreams, the warnings even at circumcision,
Starting to do his Father’s business –
At the tender age of twelve before learned men
Scribes and Pharisees all elder to him
Were, but, the preparation for Christ’s Mission.
Forty days of fasting, the daily prayers
The miracles performed, rejections faced
Fear, joy, hope even doubt in the hearts of men
All because of one Man of Mission,
The tears he shed – tears of compassion
The anger he had – anger of righteousness
The path he traveled – alone to Calvary
This was the accomplishment of God’s Mission.
Mission accomplished – Accomplished by God!
Is all over then? No, but, we still have far to go.
God’s mission was also Sharing –
Sharing his Son with the whole world!
But, what do we do?
Clutching with fingers of sand at things of dust
We think, we possess, but are possessed by this world!
Sharing – The very word scares us
It makes us feel insecure,
It is because we think only in terms of material sharing.
Yes, we sometimes give
But, out of vanity and pride
Or, to gain some name or fame.
Do we really Share?
We give some money and shrug off responsibility,
Responsibility, of our Christianity
Of our Humanity.
Christ calls us for sharing –
Our eyes to seek out the lonely and sad
Our ears to listen to others sorrows
Our mouth to share Christ’s love and salvation
Our shoulder to lessen other’s burdens
Our hands to hold them thro’ trails and temptations
Our feet to lead those who’ve lost their way
Our time to pray and help in times of need.
Christ calls us to share –
Share ourselves, our lives to that
Greater achievement of Christ’s Mission.

premji premji 28 May 2009

read the history of Christianity... it is impossible to find christ there... 50 million women were brutally killed during the 1500 year long dark age....because they wre spiritually above than men.... jesus loves women....not the church!

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