Angelina Pandian Poems

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7. Love Is –patience! [on Love A Collection Of Poems]

Love is patience.
Patience in the face of words,
Words, harshly spoken without a thought
Words cruelly spoken but with no ill-will!


Love is understanding.
It is understanding the words unspoken
Held back behind a veil of silence,
It is understanding the hurt

11. Love Is – Childlike! [on Love A Collection Of Poems]

Love is to be childlike,
A child is wholly trusting
Never imposing, totally dependent
It never feels guilty –

8. Love Is – Courage! [on Love A Collection Of Poems]

Love is being brave,
When facing adversity never fear
For, your help is ever near holding your hand
Even if the world is against you,


Love is being together,
It is, being able to be together.
It is being together in work and play
In sorrows and in joy

6. Love Is – Giving! [on Love A Collection Of Poems]

Love is giving
It is giving your smiles
To brush away another’s tears
It is hiding your scarred hand and

17. Love – Has No Season! [on Love A Collection Of Poems]

Love has no season
It is not bound by Spring or Fall
Love is not bound by age
Or barriers of any kind

* Naseer, Don’t Ever Say Goodbye!

How do you sing your songs
Just so sweetly - Like
Golden Honey peach
Soft and luscious

Autumn’s Dance

The leaves were slowly falling
So very slowly and dropping
Ever so gently like a butterfly
Which glides and is also seen flirting,

Dear Friends.......

[To all my friends at Poem Hunter]
Dear friends,
You inspire me again and again
When I the fragrance of your poem inhale

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