Dear Friends....... Poem by Angelina Pandian

Dear Friends.......

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[To all my friends at Poem Hunter]
Dear friends,
You inspire me again and again
When I the fragrance of your poem inhale
I am made to exhale a poem
Which was formless lying
Within the deepest recess of my heart!
An unthought-of view
An unheard of piece of wisdom
As always you open
Skylights in my mind!
Thanks, dear friends, for letting in
The rays of Gyana's* Sun
To enlighten my soul and life!
Creator – Gods! All of you,
Maybe some I have mentioned
But, you have all been my inspiration
My spark at some point of time
I admire and stand in awe
Of your genius and talent,
Masters! I thank you all
For what you teach!
You give me life
You give me thought
You give me dreams
You give me visions
You give me inspiration
To sing a million songs
As I sit upon my branch and listen
To your melodious songs
The wafting music of flutes
Which you all play so effortlessly
Surrounds me like the gentle breeze
I thank my Mentor, my Philosopher and Guide
Who showed me the path, the way
To these sylvan woods so grand!
Each day I wake up to your call
Each night I sleep to their lullaby
During the long hard day at work
I long for their cooling verse
To slake my unquenched thirst
Evenings I come rushing back
To the sheltering woods of PH
To join the gathering, admire and share
Poems sparkling like diamonds with fire
With your cheers and your comments
By the kind messages sent to me
You have all welcomed me with grace
And have showered both your love
And encouragement generously upon me
And I thank you all for having accepted me.
From friends, dear poets you have all
Become kinsmen of a global family, to me!
[Gyana* – Wisdom]

Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 06 July 2009

Mmmmmmmmmmmm....I admire your admiration.Marvellous stuff! !

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Eyan Desir 06 July 2009

Good write friend................

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rago rago 06 July 2009

In the wheel of life without spokes we cannot move then the circle will remain on the black board or modern board to see....... your welcoming to read dear friends really a great thing and felicitating the occasion is marvellous.....

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Surya . 06 July 2009

in the course of our poetry we come up onmany friend and angel is a gem of all. i feel very happy you consider me too a friend. a very nice poem voted10

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Kesav Easwaran 06 July 2009

A poem right from your heart Leena...goodwill sparkling all over your words there...nice composition to read...thanks...10

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Sandhya S N 18 July 2009

I am honored to read you heart regards sandhya

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Carl Harris 07 July 2009

This is a very beautiful and appealing tribute to your poet friends on Poem Hunter, Angelina. It is wonderfully phrased and I am sure it delighted many of your poet fans on this fine site. Carl.

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Dr Hitesh Sheth 07 July 2009

Perhaps friendship is the only relationship which doesnt have a tinge of selfishness........a good write..thanks for sharing.........

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Chitra - 07 July 2009

a very kind hearted poem thank you for sharing it

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C. P. Sharma 07 July 2009

A poem soaked in love and gratitude with cosmic vision of friendship. Thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful piece. CP

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