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She Leaves Without Regret

Rating: 4.9

To him, she meant everything—
(for a while)

He watched her grow passionately
from his very limbs.
She an emblem, his emerald which glittered
opulently when the sun dared to flicker upon her.

the passage to loyal seasons

who changed consistency
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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 16 February 2008

Life, and it's many sojourns, and crosses are at times inexplicable to our better sense of rationale...yet 3 very specific aspects of our very temporary mortal existence be ever constant in our lives... Newborn Seed, Change & Deaths Collar.And your work, here, jogs all of these presentations & neatly, crisply & powerfully delivers them to the reader.Excellent Work, young lady. ~ FjR ~

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Howard Johnson 15 February 2008

I defintely had to use my Websters, Great use of uncommon words to bring a deeper immagery. Howard

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Craig Anderson 11 February 2008

There seems to be a lot of farewells and goodbyes in the pieces that I'm reading. Weird since we're heading towards Valentines day, or is it the start of new beginnings for all. Enjoyed the piece despite the sadness of it. Regards. Craig.

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Nomi Mas 11 February 2008

you have a great sense of words!

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