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Why Lord, Why A Child

Rating: 4.5

A beautiful day darkened by a black cloud coming down,
the smile on a child's face frozen to a frown.
Eyes that had life stared with stricken fear,
I saw his lips tremble followed by streams of tears.

The driver watched shocked in his drunken state,
for the child in my arms met the path of his fate.
His frail body covered in blood, tangled and broken;
'help me I don't want to die, ' his words softly spoken.

I closed my burning eyes gazing up to the sky,
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Kayleigh Tongue 06 June 2009

a sad poem, full of feelings and well writen... well done... FAB

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Jeannie Ann Clark 24 February 2008

This writing is very sad and written well. Most religions teach God 'takes' our loved ones. That is not true. Death will soon be wiped out and the innocent dead ones, raised up, all new, on earth. '...For with evil things, God cannot be tried nor does he himself try anyone.' James 1: 13. See my poem, 'Comfort For All' about hope for our dead loved ones. Also my poem, 'Drinking While Intoxicated - DWI'. Thank you.

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gfsd dsa 24 February 2008

Oh wow.... That was so sad

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