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Tracey Hardie is originally from Sanford Maine, but was relocated as a child and raised in Charleston, SC where she still resides. The uniqueness of the 'Low Country' has sculpted her to be a refined southern belle and she considers the 'Low Country' as a piece of heaven on earth. She was once asked to define herself with one word: the word she sel ...

Tracey Hardie Poems

She Leaves Without Regret

To him, she meant everything—
(for a while)

He watched her grow passionately

Why Lord, Why A Child

A beautiful day darkened by a black cloud coming down,
the smile on a child's face frozen to a frown.
Eyes that had life stared with stricken fear,
I saw his lips tremble followed by streams of tears.

Seeing What You Read

When I read or write
I see and feel things differently.

ImaGes are nOt whaT they AlwAys aPpear

Winters Edge

My leaves turn
from envy
to shades of dying flames.


I become more amazed,
as I turn the pages
to the hidden chapters
of whom you are.

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