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For what is said
Has been said

Words are for books

I lost that poem
Forgive me

About the roses

A man under the bridge
Staring at cusped hands
Holding his piece of the river
Seeping slowly through

i need to stop
writing poetry

i mean forever

i only want

you untamed

along the
midnight sky

i look for

A final
At the intersect


i was

to write

the chinese
portrait painter

When your heart is lost
I will be your world map
and take you to the top

my prince
will come
she sighs

I tell him it's a numbers game
And complain for always
Doing the 'dirty work'

the silent night
street is lit by
apartmental romances
and fading echoes of

slumbering inches
away from the
neonlit tonic offering
little repose

she sings
off key

as the clock
touches midnight
into Easter's birth

Paul Storm Biography

Paul first achieved greatness in his own mind about 2 years ago. Immediately following a Tony Robbins seminar. Prior to that he was searching for the perfect spaghetti dish, he once came pretty close but his dog ate the recipe and has never been since able to recreate his 'tomatized noodles' as he likes to call it. After this he became obsessed with the meaning of life instead, or more accurately, the meaning of death. According to his yogi, who also taught yoga, finding the answer to this was a worthy cause. Incidentally Paul also discovered it be to be a great ice breaker, especially when waiting in long queues. Asking questions such as 'do you have a tissue as I have an irreversibly contagious form of mad cow coughing' does wonders in getting you ahead of people. After having delved into astrology, astronomy and asses in general, he has now discovered that poetry is a wonderful little time killer. Analogous to a shot of caffeine that kicks your senses briefly before crashing and burning back to reality...)

The Best Poem Of Paul Storm

Another Love Poem

For what is said
Has been said

Words are for books
Deeds prove nothing

Unless witnessed
By the heart

Pain will remind you
Where you belong

When I utter
Once more

I love you

You will fold
In my arms

Home at last

Paul Storm Comments

p.a. noushad 15 December 2008

colourful wings of poetry, i enjoy much.

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Jerry Hughes 02 May 2008

Nomi, I totally relate to your writing - as a schoolboy with dyslexia I well recall what peer group ridicule and sitting at back of the class is all about. However, I believe it made both of us stronger in the long term. Good to meet you. Best regards, Jerry Hughes

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Jerry Bradford 30 January 2008

You're good! Thanks for sharing this. Jerry

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Paul Storm Quotes

a love lost is a love indeed

To live is to live

Yea I wanna see the world for free But I don't like what I see

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Paul Storm Popularity

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