She 'The Clot-Buster' Poem by Rahul Rajawat

She 'The Clot-Buster'

Rating: 4.7

I was young I was alone,
I was tired of talkin with imaginary clone
So I was real sad,
It was the time when I had clots in my heart,
In my life there was no pace,
So i can't head for it's race
I was a old shoe with untied lace,

You behaved as clotbuster,
From distances i could feel your lustre
You helped me to get rid of clots,
I was tempted by the feast your aura brought.
I met you in the month of june.
I could feel the princess of fortune
I percepted the way you came in life,
I Thought you would be my wife

My life will get nourished
On the land of my heart, your civilization will get flourished,
Your presence was more than marigold’s fragnance.

But, you left me,
Breaking dreams, I screamed
My life lost its entire luster, It becomes a glooming gesture.
I have lost my heart, I am damaged farm cart
Now my body is hollow, one second is hard for my throat to swallow

Initially you helped me to revive from clots
Now I am dazed to what my life brought,
Not at all what my dreams thought
I am prisoner first time caught
Clotbuster has ruined my life;

I strive, but can’t revive.
I am bleeding badly on small jerk.
I am in the claws of clotbuster.
I am constantly loosing my precious blood,
like running water in flood
She left me. Somebody save me.
I am doped Athlete lost all of his pace and grace,
I am killed by a gorgeous ganster,
Aah I am in cluster of clotbuster
In the world of bleeding disaster,

But I am a man of expectations,
Thinking of some revolutions.
I am seeking my lost paradise on the earth,
When I’ll find it, I will take rebirth,
I will get out drought, will wait for rain,
your looks will drive me out of all my pain; Again.
And my crimson blood would streem out of heart’s fertile plains.

Obinna Eruchie 15 September 2009

How you are determined in the end to move on to seek a meaning beyond and leave behind the life affected by her clot-busting, good for you. KEEP WRITING TO BE MORE INSPIRED.

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Rajaram Ramachandran 06 September 2009

Your first poem in poemhunter itself sounds very good. Please keep on writing like this.

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 27 August 2009

The clots in the heart get bustered by the love of a lifetime.Excellent execution of words Rahul.A job well done.

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