Sherri Driving 55 Poem by Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky

Sherri Driving 55

Life is a speed limit they all say
And we will understand that one day,
So, as we drive the roads, follow the highway codes
We all drive on life's beautiful highway.

I remember when 35 was the speed limit and my age
I drove with much power and sometimes rage,
And I hit many speed bumps, causing many lumps
Then I never noticed my speed gauge.

65 and 70 will be me and my speed limit one year
No more will I want to strip my gear,
I'll then be using cruise control, as my auto and I will stroll
Up ahead on the road will always be clear.

One more week and I will be fifty five
That's also the safe speed limit for me now to drive,
Now I'm just cruising, dreams I'm still pursuing
Wanting and hoping to just survive.

Life is like the road signs "YIELD", "SLOW DOWN" and "STOP"
If you don't obey them, then there's a cop
Then you're given a citation, or taken to the station
Because you hurried and never slow down to shop.

Now you must be careful of all the speeding
Soon birthday wishes you will be reading,
Always keep looking strait ahead, from your past you have fled
Forward you should always be driving and proceeding.

Life is truly all the roads that we must all tarry
As we drive in our machinery,
Remember never be in a hurry, never rush or worry
And always look and pay attention to the beautiful scenery.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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