Samantha Burnsed

Rookie (November 19,1994)

Shining Angel - Poem by Samantha Burnsed

I hear a deafening noise, I look around to find the source,
I hear a cry of pain, escaping someone's lips,
I look around in the empty dark, to realize it's my breaking heart.
I can't breath, I can't speak, I can only sobb.
The walls are crumbling, cracking, groaning.
They break, They fall.
My heart is ripped in two, I can't bare it.
It feels as if there's and earthquake rippling throughout my body as i shudder.
It shines as the light glints off the blade.
The physical pain from the open wound distracts me from my broken heart.
The pain fades from my chest, but i know it's only temporary.
I want it to end, I want it to never come back.
I lay still as i feel the numbness creep upon me.
I run into the blackness, I welcome it.
I can't feel the hurt, I can't feel the pain, I am numb.
All i can see is blackness, darkness, it has taken over my being.
As i walk, I see a light, It grows the closer i get.
I can make out it's shape, but it's all too famliar.
I try to stop walking, my feet continue to move foward
I look down at my wrist and see the mark.
The angel smiles at me that gorgeous, breathtaking smile,
I stare downwards so i don't meet his gaze.
We make no sound, he stares at me, i stare at the ground.
A tear rolls slowly down my cheek, and splashes on the floor.
The angel lifts my chin so i have to look at him,
Tears stream down my face as he holds out his hands,
My broken heart, that was his, is now stitched up asnd beating agian.
he takes my hand and sees the mark,
As he looks at me I see his eyes glistening,
I lift my hand and hold it there,
He takes my other hand, as he does a tear falls on the mark.
I go to whipe the tears, angels should not cry, and stop,
The mark is gone.
I can't believe it, I stare at him incredelously,
He simply smiles at me and whispers those three words that seem like a lifetime since i'd heard them.
We walk hand in hand as my shining angel and i are together agian.

-samantha johnson burnsed

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