Shooting Poem by leticia starkey


i'm shooting for the stars
i want to reach mars
i'm a girl that has so many dreams
but i'm lost trying to find me
how is it that i cant get free i'm tired of running
my legs hurt but most of all i'm ready to give up
ready to say i quit
and lay down and close my eyes because nobody see
the tired body that keeps pushing forward
i fall i get back up and run but most of all i want a home
somewhere i could go and feel safe
somewhere where i could just be me
i'm tired all i want is to be free from pain
everytime i cry my eyes burn
and then i find myself not knowing where to turn
i'm lost running in circles but nobodys there to help me
everyone that i thought would be there they turned their backs on me and crossed their arms
i'm sorry im a little girl i just want so badly to run back into my mothers arms but she hates me she doesnt even know the little girl she lost the little girl that had to pay the cost all i want is someone to help me because im lost im ready to give up im tired and lonely i need help but nobody knows they see a young woman but i may be an adult soon but i'm still a little girl trying to find me i'm still a little girl trying to shoot for the moon but everywhere i go i get shot down my hearts tired of falling on the ground my bodys tired of running and i just want someone to be there for me its hard and im lost trying to break free but its not how i feel that people see its me they see im still a little girl trying to find me and im lost so i'm crying out please help me

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