Graduation Poem by leticia starkey


A puzzle together
a puzzle apart
each piece belongs to my heart

each piece is different
each piece is great
But now they have to take on the long expected fate

They knew it would come
the day was here
the day they dreaded at the beginning of the year

The day they would be pulled apart
the whole would be broken
they knew it from the start

A piece here
and a piece there
how could life be so unfair
When we use to laugh and do dares
We always use to think are teachers were unfair
But know we are older and have to grow up
We no longer have people taking us by the hand
And walking on such gentle land

Rachel Pike 05 November 2008

I love it...another brillant peice! ! ! love yooh

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Michael Smith 03 December 2007

whooaaaa............i realli like dis suma mine plz......but nice one =]] perfect 10

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Ben Gieske 03 June 2007

Very nicely composed and full of thought. I'm sure you had a high school graduation in mind. The first part of the poem could refer very well to life in general when we must look for a piece of the puzzle having no idea how the end of the year will end, how sometimes we are victims of fate and life is so unfair. 'Each piece belongs to my heart' makes your approach very personal and special and tells me something about you.

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Henz Timber 01 May 2007

lovely poem! ! lifes like a puzzle without da missing piece we are all gonna struggle! ! !

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