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Shop Local

I will be very vocal
I always enjoy shopping local,
At all independent shops and grocery stores
Even if it doesn't raise my credit scores.
I also enjoy dining at the shops
That still are, "Moms and Pops",
I so proudly love visiting local businesses
I will be one of their proud shopper witnesses.
And if to a different country I have came
My shopping belief is always the same,
I will always shop local first
They have always quenched my thirst.
I enjoy going to the fruit and vegetable stands
Where all produce is picked by the seller's hands,
And every piece of fruit or vegetable that I buy
It brings a smile into the farmer's eye.
I hate seeing these large store chains
Seemingly holding local merchants by the reins,
At these chains sometimes I want to holler
But, instead I give the local store/ shop my dollar.
When I shop in any State, County or City
I always try to give back to the community,
In interest and belief my point is always focal
So, I always enjoy shopping local.

Randy L. McClave

Wednesday, August 12, 2020
Shopping Poems: 389 / 500
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Deluke Muwanigwa 12 August 2020

Beautiful poem. Lol. When you come to Zim we will bar you from shopping in our shops.

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