Show Me Proof Poem by Kathleen West

Show Me Proof

Rating: 2.7

You say that you've been hurt in your life
I'll give you that it's true
Your childhood was hard to bear
So many betrayed you

So you grow up and become a man
And your hurts are still buried inside
And the bitterness and pain that you felt
They surface-it's too hard to hide

So now you doubt everyone
There is no God you say
If there is-show me proof
There has to be a way

The bible could be written by anyone
Anyone with a story to tell
Written and passed to generations
And believed by us all as well

Well, if that's the case, then we're all animals
There's no reason but to live and die
No ultimate purpose in the end
But to complete a cycle and thrive

But I can't believe this therory somehow
My mind can only see
That we were put here to love and sacrifice
Not to just 'be'

Everyone who comes into your life
Isn't looking for what's in it for them
Some people are sincere and really care
So don't mistrust and condemn

Gilberto Diaz 31 March 2009

Just love it. First time I read your poetry, I guess I picked the right one.

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Emily Oldham 17 September 2008

whoa... very interesting and inspiring. i don't know what elkse to say! Love it

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Ashraful Musaddeq 14 September 2008

A very nice descriptive and interesting poem. Like it.

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