Since You Passed On Poem by Kathleen West

Since You Passed On

Rating: 2.9

A year is approaching since you passed on
And so many memories come to mind
I think about all that you have meant to me
And the empty place you left behind

I've explored my feelings and mourned your loss
And went through many stages of grief
I've prayed about it, and gave it all to God
And still despair with no relief

There is no one to replace my own sweet Dad
Whose heart was so pure and so true
My protector and biggest champion in life
Who loved me unconditionally too

You were a part of everything, large and small
Every event was to be celebrated and shared
When my birtday went by without your visit or call
It felt empty like nobody cared

How can I NOT think of you each day
When all these memories lead back to you
How do I take care of Mom with you gone
When she needs you even more than I do?

This all a part of God's own plan
The mystery of loving and letting go
And a part of you still lives in all of us
Through my faith, I know this is so.

Dr.subhendu Kar 20 November 2008

the tribute to your father yet gleans tear to eyesof reader when poignant deep by remniscence............... quite painful...well penned,10+, thanks for sharing

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Moushumi moushumi 16 November 2008

I share your dear feeling about your father & pray to GOD your wellbeing. A great tribute to him. thanks for sharing. cheer you.

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Ridge Cahill 13 November 2008

Indeed he lives through all of you, and now us with this beautiful poem in his honor.

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Joseph Poewhit 11 November 2008

Nothing like good old DAD -

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