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Shroud Of Silence - Poem by Chris Boyles

The silence shrouded her like a dark cloud
feeling like she could reach out and touch it
it hung heavy that it almost seemed to groan
not a voice would she hear again this night
sat alone again with too much time to think
picked up a book looked and put it down
television it never did interest her that much
was nowhere to go in this free time she had
friends were with family down the local pub
into their time she would not like to intrude
so much music to hear afraid what to play
playing something heavy as was her mood
it broke the silence but still feeling so alone
where had the voices gone from her days
the ones that came when they needed her
the ones that once shared all their troubles
those voices that made her laugh and smile
all she had now was a voice shouting loud
words to music trying hard to understand
drum beating heavy as was her heart now
looking at a photograph there on the shelf
one more memory she was left alone with
closing her eyes what image did she see
the bright sunshine and fluffy white clouds
above a big field of beautiful red poppies
heads wavering softly in the warm breeze
two figures she saw standing hand in hand
big black bird flew over as the music died
'walls came tumbling down' the last words
opening her eyes a single silent tear did fall
how could she fight what now haunted her
worn down as a pebble by wind and rain
eroded by hurt and pain feeling so empty
just one voice needed to break the silence
taking down heaviness draped around her
stopping the corrosion eating at her heart
easing her mind being tormented selfishly
she did not deserve all she had to endure
the ignorance and spite thrown her way
Into a forever silence she wanted to slip
where voices she would need no more
in a silence that was peaceful and serene
no hurt or pain would she have to bear
to awaken from restless sleep no longer
nor to dream of unreachable paradises
it would be so easy to leave it behind her
to depart clad in a last shroud of silence.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, March 25, 2007

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