Silence Poem by Langston Hughes


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I catch the pattern
Of your silence
Before you speak

I do not need
To hear a word.

In your silence
Every tone I seek
Is heard.

Joseph Phillips 23 June 2013

Lol, some of the people who comment on these are entertainingly clueless. Hughes, may he rest in peace, had such a gift for words. I'm going to memorize this poem and use it as a nice way to tell people to shut up :) .

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ryan a. 30 April 2021

LoL, I totally agree even tho Im just 12 and didn't understand what u meant.

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Angela Ilyas 16 April 2013

I Love your poem! It's simple but great! A lot of knowledge & wisdom is such a short poem. Silence is a Powerful thing! You learn much in Silence! Excellent Job! Blessings....

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Indira Renganathan 07 December 2016

silence too is powerful like words....good message

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ryan a. 30 April 2021

Someone please explain this to me? I dont get how silence works in this poem.

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oscar 23 April 2021


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exabyte 23 April 2021

2021 gang

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Ruta Mohapatra 09 October 2018

So beautifully expressed! People who are very close need not speak to convey what they feel. One can divine the thoughts of the other.

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Suzanity 08 April 2018

Actions can speak louder than words...Why do some people choose to be silent when in fact, they should speak out? What can silence reveal about someone's character? So many levels of interpretation.

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