Silence’s Evil Poem by Amy Fifita

Silence’s Evil

Sometimes silence is not peace,
Sometimes it’s anger at the least.
Unsure of whether you should use your voice,
And still silence is your choice.
The choice driven by your fear,
The choice to keep the burden that you bare.
Trying not to gain relationships,
To cover your past you keep tight-lipped.
Staying ignorant to your pain,
And still that is all you gain.
Trying to live a happy life,
But to do that you cover up your strife.
Always looking for something to fill the gap,
But all you find is drugs and alcohol to lap.
Willing to give everything up,
Your happy life is corrupt.
You’re passionate about your job, family and friend,
But you want to die, this, you intend.
And still you don’t say a word,
Because when you did you were not heard.
Blaming yourself for their bad deeds,
You apologize for crimes you did not lead.
You did not do anything wrong,
You’ve blamed yourself for far too long.
Thinking they were the ones in the right,
You watched them inside, but did not fight.
You thought silence was the right thing to do,
But that silence came down on you.
Because they feed off the vulnerable, the weak,
Don’t keep silent because that they seek.

Leah Wright 20 February 2009

OMG this song is very depressing but it expresses heaps of emotion! ! ! ! And and its my 2nd fav, it so derpressing it makes me feel lik cutting myself over and over! again AAA+++++: D

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Eddie Larkin 29 December 2008

Well said, Amy. We should always speak up for ourselves in any situation... politely but FIRMLY. Lovely writing.

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