Giving Up Poem by Amy Fifita

Giving Up

Rating: 5.0

My whole life stood at my feet,
And i just stomped on it;
Squishing all my hopes, my dreams,
Destroying what i had done good for.
Disintergrating my life,
Until it was useless,
Until i was useless.
Casting out all good thoughts,
Good memories, all good things.
Blacking out my somba feelings,
And replacing it with bad manner.
Pushing away the people i knew cared,
Until they looked down on me.
Putting up walls to make people dislike me,
To make them not care.
Doing things as a cry for help,
But in their eyes a bad deed.
I had nothing to hold on to,
I had no one to care for me,
I felt i had no other option,
I knew i, myself would end.
Knowing one person could take my burdens away,
But feeling i deserved it.
Giving up on my friends, my family,
Giving up on everything i had earnt for myself,
Giving up on life itself.


Sad but very touching. New beginnings usually come when we have reached the end of our selves. Keep writing.

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Eddie Larkin 29 December 2008

An excellent piece, Amy. This one really grabbed me! ! !

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Guess what.. This is so truthful that it had my jaws on it's hinges.

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Briana Johnston 28 December 2008

Wow. This is a strong poem. I love the way you work with words.

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