Seeing Through You Poem by Amy Fifita

Seeing Through You

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All your words scream through my head,
Daunting wishes, you want me dead.
And yet I do not hear a guilty plea,
And still you want the death of me.

Not of an enemy, but of a friend,
Why do you want this life to end?
Your words hurt as does betrayal,
I trusted you, but it always failed.

You added on to all my pain,
But you would always pass the blame.
My true friends were always there for me,
But I was ignorant, I set them free.

You stabbed my back, but also my heart,
Because that is where true friendship starts.
Trust can be given and taken away,
And yet yours was taken without delay.

You make up excuses for some ones pity,
But I do not see that as witty.
If no one believes you, why do you lie?
It brings so much pain, my reasons to cry.

You give so much as we take,
You give us lies your one mistake.
We take your lies that you give,
And cannot understand how you can live.

You hide yourself to be accepted,
For your true self is contradictive.
But I see that as does every one else,
Why can’t you just, be yourself?

Austyne Thomas 27 December 2008

This is so so...real

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