Amy Fifita Poems

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Blood-Stained Tears

Crying of blood not of tears,
Just let it out.
Blood is spilt, but no one’s dead,
This is your cry.

Is It Really Justice Or Just Revenge?

Is capital punishment justice or is it revenge?
This is the question that I want to defend.
Is it really justice if you have to kill someone?
Or is the killing of a being just for your fun?

A Childs Ignorance

Many children are ignorant
To the pain in the world.
Some know pain but most don't
still continuing to laugh and play.

A Simple Question

It's not like I'm asking you the one millionth number in pi,
I just need you to answer my simple question: Why?
Why did you leave me alone in the dark?
Why did you leave my mum with your mark?


Cry it out,
Don't blleed it out
Dont slash at your flesh.
But I'm too late,

What Does That Make You?

If you work in capital punishment what does that make you?
If you kill a murderer I think that’s murder too.
If you hurt some one would you expect it to be returned?
But from your point of view that hurt would have been earned.

Giving Up

My whole life stood at my feet,
And i just stomped on it;
Squishing all my hopes, my dreams,
Destroying what i had done good for.

Don'T Give Me Trust

Don't you trust me,
Don't you dare.
You'll soon see,
That you shouldn't have cared.

Death's Fortress

Death's fortress made of ash
Cemented by blood
Floats from captured spirits
Unforgiving for mistakes

Till Death Do We Part

Sharply slicing through my skin,
Waiting for blood to begin.
Overpowered by my past,
How will this depression last?

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