Ignored Crimes Poem by Amy Fifita

Ignored Crimes

Rating: 5.0

Little Edmund Kemper, an innocent little boy,
Was locked in a basement with his sisters’ toys.
Poor Blameless Ed, what was he to do?
He ripped those dolls apart as his anger grew.

Naïve Edward Gein, didn’t think it was wrong,
So he masturbated for no one knows how long.
Then his mother caught him, and thought it was a sin,
And poured hot water over the balls of Edward Gein.

Small Graham Young, his mother died at his birth,
He was a loner; people thought he had of no worth.
They tormented him with comments which made him distressed,
He would soon have his revenge for those who have been pests.

And little Thierry Paulin, never had a proper home,
And due to no one caring he felt all alone.
But when he grew up, what would he to be?
He became the Grim Reaper of the town the French call Paris. (Pronounced paree)

And if you ask why I’m sympathizing with criminals like these,
I’ll answer by saying you really should be pleased.
The reason for this is because I can identify
With the criminals that are actually victims that you have denied.

We all have been in turmoil and we’ve all been in strife,
And the way we act is our reaction on our life.
We forget to remember to look at the story as a whole,
Instead we read one page and the rest we don’t care to know.

All Kemper, Gein, Thierry and dear old Young,
Have things in common, each and every one.
They’ve suffered great trauma that we have been ignorant to,
Now think and imagine, what if those things happened to you?

Paolo Giuseppe Mazzarello 13 January 2009

Potentially everybody is a criminal. I like this poem because sorts moralizing out. As long as one doesn't idealize criminal and the game is up. Am not I playing the moralist, am I?

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LOVEFOOL Aka 13 January 2009

Wow make that double wow, one of the most thought provoking poems I have ever read Thank you

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Sebastine Humaemo 30 December 2008

A poem which makes one to think for a while.......... ' Ignored Crimes ' pretty title........people shouldn ignore this poem without reading.......a poem which teaches much.....good one indeed....sebastine.....

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