Putri Misnia Shary Bahri

Silent Killers Love & Lost - Poem by Putri Misnia Shary Bahri

a silent cry's a killers in my heart a killers pain of sore tears me
leting go it ain't easy a truly loved onces was there

when two heart divided it ain't easy to walk out
a deep of love & passion which sit in once was there

littel by littel didn't i knew its slowly faded away
haven't seen your face for quite sometime now i really miss you truly

once's you waves you're hand i wasn't
sure it was you it full of bright light in an afternoon srrounder bright sunlight

on your way out waving you're goodbyes
center reception desk angle
facing myself on your front dereaction

un spoken words which froze in time
surely i indeed miss you truly & i truly love u still but i let u go for god sake this the only right decision i could do

cuz i love u but you ended up with someone forever its an lateness end which you can't stop its tears me

its left me breathless how you called me
your my girlfriend, its to late cuz u have another it ain't felt right now its felt so fatal

behind a silent words un said
a words of an silent love
i lost you when i let you go
a late night fall the driver drove pass your place i could see the light night shine bright from your windowpan

heard your words how you used to said how did you knew? You onces ask
''your a falling angel from the sky'' that what you said
you used to look at me walking down
the van from the top of your windowpan

the moment which left us a part i can hear your voices from the past to the love door whic open

how you discripe your love like drugs how you need me closer to you
how you express your deep feelings
the way you kisses my lips deeply truly your loved i felt it too

i felt it in my heart & i fet it in my soul
it ain't easy to forget you
all that days has gone now love u still & forever even it hurts too much i learn never to open up my heart or give it in

i knew your not like other guys your always there with me and to cath me as i fall i heard its once '' your not like other grils'' i guess meant to fall your not there cath me

i guess this it i forgotten you love if you could forgotten me already i shall do so
Love is such a silent killers of hurts which is left a side of the past reunited till it collides

i could breath again sleep with sore for so long the rain falls & wash away my sore the sun come up a bright new days
i will never forget you
forever you remain in me
if i cry you knew its for you thats the only way how i learn to love you

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, August 22, 2010

Poem Edited: Wednesday, August 25, 2010

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