Megan Lacey

Rookie (December 1,1981 / Peoria, Illinois)

Silver Gilt - Poem by Megan Lacey

I don't ask for happily ever after,
Only for the opportunity to look.
I know that 'Prince Charming'
Is a figment of my overactive imagination.
But for once I'd like the chance to see in my reflection
Someone who could arouse
A love like in all the great stories.
It doesn't need to be forever;
That's something I will never find
For I am unwilling to surrender my soul to have it
But I should like a sweet love for once, something which does not burn
For all things I ever felt before have burned
Like one who has looked at the sun too long.
I want a love like the moon, radiant without scorching
Silver in its soft caress.
Not golden, gaudy in the light.
I want candlelight, to illuminate the night
Oh! Who am I kidding?
I lied in that.
I wish for every burning glance
I want the silver, yet also the gold
Giving everything I possess to hold such a precious gem...
Its hopeless I know,
But before I die, I want to inspire
Mad, passionate poetry
I want those tickets to the Opera
I want nights that seem all too short.
And days that fly away on crystal wings
Hopeless romantic, I hear you think,
Sentimental fool, the unspoken words whisper in my ear.
All I have to say to those too prosaic,
Those who cannot see the breathless enchantment of an ungodly hour of the night
I pity you!
I pity that you cannot see beyond your petty narcissism.
That life holds no real joy,
Only a series of cheap thrills;
You've only a cardboard cutout of a soul
Is there anything you believe in?
Any person, any idea, which you would be willing
To give your own life for?
Anything you love so much it hurts?
No? I thought not.
Then why begrudge me my romantic cobwebs
Those little fantasies of spun glass and silver gilt,
Are you jealous of me? I think you are
Are you afraid of me? That too is a possibility.
Know this, however: I will not let you poison my mind
I've seen too much magic in this world to let
Your tawdry opinions rip my soul to shreds.

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