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Silver Lightning - Poem by Jennie Renee Sparrow

When I heard the thunder I knew that it wouldn't be long.
I held onto the slightest hope and tried to remain strong.
I knew I had to find the place where I once belonged...
The sound of the thunder warmed my heart,
As the rain fell upon my face,
It no longer seemed like we were worlds apart,
The wind came and soon I arrived upon that place...
All I had was the dream of a memory I once had.
When the angels would send an angel of my very own.
To comfort me in the lonely days when I am sad.
Someone to share my life with in a place we could both call home.
I sensed a love that I would soon feel.
When hallow hearts are no longer frozen.
There will be someone for me, my heart she will steal.
I will soon be a man that will no longer be broken.
The signs were there telling me,
Like rocks crushing my soul, I know that I must free myself,
To know of a future to soon be told.
But each time that I looked for her; she was never there,
Each night I patiently waited,
At the end of the dream I could almost touch her hair,
But the dream is always the same...for she is faded.
When I was awake; I couldn't wait to sleep again,
Because I knew that she would soon visit me,
As time went on; I hoped the dream would have no end,
I was getting more lost in her reality.
Following that last night's sleep,
I spent the next several days wondering what was to become of all of this,
One day I was walking among the streets,
I found myself thinking of her, such an angel I will miss.
It was far too painful; too painful to live without her,
It was not enough for her to possess my dreams,
She was controlling me from within my very core,
I must rid myself of her, of us; of everything.
That night as I continued to walk home, the escaping sun began to set,
I refused to go home to rest,
I knew that I could not sleep for this would be my deepest regret,
I will vanish her from my soul by forgetting any memory of her kept.
I walked endlessly for hours and hours in the dark,
The dark night plagued me by her intriguing ways,
Soon I was within the end of the city at the park,
My feet bled, my head and soul heavy, and the dawn was approaching a new day.
Soon it will be dusk,
Without sleep; she will not find me,
Just a few more hours to remain awake I must,
Then she will leave me completely.
I saw a glow in the distant sky,
I felt my soul rise with the sun,
Vanish from me she will; without asking why,
Even if I live a lonely life without her and without anyone.
When I saw the sky change I knew it wouldn't be long,
I let go of the slightest hope and tried to remain strong,
I knew I had to find the place where I once belonged...
The soul of the sun warmed my heart,
As the rays of light shined upon my face,
Of her world I would no longer be a part,
The daybreak came and soon I will arrive upon a familiar place.
All I had was the empty mind of an empty soul left,
Forgetting my thoughts, memories, and any dreams that I have ever kept,
My heart and mind erased,
As my eyes closed; sleep fell upon me with a new life soon to be embraced.
From within a deep sleep I was awakened,
I heard a voice whispering,
Not knowing who I am or of such a person I have forsaken,
I opened my eyes as an escape from remembering.
There I sat upon a park bench within a strange city,
I heard a voice between the midst of the sun,
All that I ever knew was misplaced and no longer a part of me,
I knew not myself, anything, or anyone.
The voice of whom I knew not continued to speak as I gathered my thoughts,
I tried to answer her but I felt confused and distraught,
I saw her face as she reached for me,
She held out her hand so innocently.
I reached for her hand as it it seemed the natural thing to do.
'I have been waiting for you, ' she said.
I took her hand as we begin to walk upon the bright shining sun,
Her skin shimmered like diamonds,
Her lips were as crimson as her eyes were silver,
Without any thought I asked, 'Where do we go from here? '
A sudden rush of wind came and soon I knew that I would be upon that place,
She looked at me and I knew by the look upon her face, She said, 'A place where we both know we belong.'
The thunder began as the winds grew strong...
All I had was her and all that she had was me,
I felt overwhelmed by laughter all I felt inside,
Together we will roam unafraid,
Not by doubt, love, lies, freedom, or by death we will never be betrayed.
'Run with me, ' I laughed.
She took me by the hand and together we were in perfect harmony,
Running to the melodies of the rain,
We ran for miles without refrain.
The signs were telling me,
Like lightning in my soul,
I knew for the first time that I was free,
To know what the future must hold for my soul mate and for me.
And each time that I looked at her; I knew that she would always be there,
Each night and each and every day,
I touched her long dark hair,
Not even nightmares or storms can keep her away.
When I am always asleep,
I cannot wait to wake again,
Because I know that she will always be with me,
As time goes on; I know that this life will have no ending,
For this is more than just a dream, it is our reality!

Topic(s) of this poem: romance

Poet's Notes about The Poem

FYI: I wrote this from a man's point of view about a woman; one who first haunts his dreams as an illusion. Just as he tries to relinquish everything about her, she becomes real.

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