Simple Pleasures Poem by Loretta Shively

Simple Pleasures

If you want to be happy,
just start where you are,
shut your eyes. Take a breath.
Make a wish on a star.
Pick a flower and smell it.
Dare to dream and then tell it.
Find true joy and don't sell it,

Run through soft grasses barefoot.
Find something to share.
Fly a kite. Ride a horse.
Let the wind blow your hair.
Catch a fire fly; then free it.
Joy abounds if you see it,
but I won't guarantee it
will stay.

But I make you a promise:
content folks find joy
in small simple pleasures
which the greedy destroy.
Watch the birds northward winging.
Hear the cowbell's faint ringing.
In the twilight start singing
a while.

Take a swing ride in summer,
a sleigh ride in snow.
Hold a chick. Pet a lamb.
Watch a wee tadpole grow.
Touch a snake - smooth yet scaly.
Share some laughter. Speak gaily.
Count your blessings up daily,
and smile!

Go out biking with cousins.
Go swim in the creek.
Find some friends. Take a walk,
or play hide-and-go-seek.
When the moon's just a sliver
go canoe down the river.
Be an hourly thanks-giver
and more.

Run through waves at the ocean.
Taste salt from the spray.
Soak up sun. Sip a shake.
Play in sand the whole day.
Drift in sailboats, with sails high.
When the tide leaves sea-trails dry,
collect seashells in pails by
the shore.

Read a story to children.
Play tag with them too.
Bob apples. Eat ice cream.
Walk-through woods wet with dew.
Run to gaze at a rainbow.
Sit and watch a long train go,
and be thrilled to see grain blow
like waves.

Splash in puddles while barefoot
and play in the rain.
Watch a bee. Hear the birds.
Make a long daisy chain.
Hear a waterfall roaring
as o're rocks it is pouring.
Take a friend; go exploring
through caves.

The most beautiful angle
to look at the world,
is innocent childhood.
Where a ribbon that's curled
is a treasure worth keeping,
and a cricket's soft cheeping
wipes away tears and weeping
so swift.

God delights in surprises,
so thank Him today
for each little blessing
sent to brighten your way.
To regain smiles departed,
get a joy circle started.
Give the sad and down-hearted
a lift.

Loretta Shively

Monday, August 15, 2022
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